Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Blvd Moving Privacy Policy

The goal of this website is to provide visitors with useful information and to allow them to request additional information about their moving/relocation needs. Our visitors have the right to know what information is collected and used, as well as the circumstances under which information is disclosed if any.


The web server recognizes only the domain name of each visitor to our website; it does not recognize email addresses. We use the information we collect for internal review and to improve or enhance the content of our website. Data is never shared with third-party organizations for commercial purposes.

Individuals can submit estimate request forms or customer service inquiry forms. Users must include specific contact information when filling out these forms. This information is never sold or distributed to third-party organizations. It is only collected to contact visitors about services in which they have expressed interest.

There is no order form available. In our physical facilities, we have appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information collected by us from our website.

We occasionally conduct online surveys to engage our visitors. On these occasions, we do not sell or share the email addresses of our subscribers.


By opting into our cookie tracking policy via the banner on our website, you are giving us permission to use cookies to improve the user experience while on our site. This will include using a location selection cookie to eliminate the need for additional selection when returning to our site or viewing other pages during your session. Remarketing and retargeting cookies are used to display advertisements on third-party websites based on events that occurred during your visit. Any remarketing tracking adheres to the compliance guidelines established by the ad network. During your session, a session value is also assigned to recall events or actions you may have completed while browsing our website. The session value is refreshed with each subsequent visit and does not uniquely identify you. IP addresses collected by Google Analytics are anonymized.

Cookies that are strictly required for site functionality are those that are used to track a user’s banner opt-in status for the purpose of recording your consent choice and selected location data from your previous visited page in order to keep the desired office location set.

If you agreed to our tracking policy but still want to clear/delete your remarketing pixels, you can do so by following the instructions for clearing tracking cookies provided by your chosen web browser.


We reserve the right to change our privacy policies at any time and without notice. Any changes to this policy will be posted on this site, and the new policy will only apply to information collected after the new policy is posted.



We pledge to resolve disputes within five (5) business days. If visitors have any problems, they can contact us via mail, email, phone, or fax.

Text Messaging Terms of service and Privacy Policy

Text Messaging Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are intended to supplement the provisions of the General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy specifically with respect to texting (SMS and MMS) and not to limit, supersede or override the General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and should be interpreted accordingly. In the event of a conflict between the Text Messaging Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and the General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, the Text Messaging Terms of Service and Privacy Policy shall prevail with respect to issues specific to text messaging. For the avoidance of doubt, if there are terms and conditions in the General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy regarding subjects on which the Text Messaging Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are silent, such silence will not constitute a conflict and the terms and conditions in the General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will control in those situations.

When you opt-in to the service, we will send you an SMS message to confirm your signup.

1. This service is used to send you notifications about the status of your account or service, for scheduling appointments, to provide customer support, communicate product or feature announcements, or to send you promotional offers about our products and services even if your mobile number is registered on any state or federal do-not-call list.

2. Overall message frequency varies and depends on account activity. However, text messages that are promotional in nature will be limited to 4 or less text messages per month. Promotional Text messages may include coupons, offers, upgrades, and new plans that we believe you may be interested in.

3. You can cancel this service at any time. Just text “STOP”. After you send the message “STOP” to us, we will send you a reply message to confirm that you have been unsubscribed. After this, you will no longer receive messages from us. If you want to join again, just text us Join, follow the instructions in the unsubscribe message or sign up as you did the first time, and we will start sending messages to you again.

4. You may be provided in the unsubscribe confirmation with an option to unsubscribe for promotional offers only but continue to get text messages regarding account activities and notices. If you have chosen this option, please follow the instructions in the unsubscribe text message to unsubscribe to just promotional text messages.

5. If at any time you forget what keywords are supported, just text us “HELP”. After you send the message “HELP” to us, we will respond with instructions on how to use our service as well as how to unsubscribe.

6. Neither Company/Brand or the mobile network operators liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

7. We have a right to modify any telephone or short code we use to operate the service at any time. However, if this happens, our Company/Brand will be clearly communicated in the text message and all the terms herein apply. In other words, you’re opting in to receive text messages from our Company/Brand, not from a specific sender ID or phone number. Your right to manage the type and frequency of messages will apply to all messages sent from our Company/Brand to you regardless of the sender ID or phone number the messages are sent from.

8. As always, Message and Data Rates May Apply for any messages sent to you from us and to us from you. If you have any questions about your text plan or data plan, it is best to contact your wireless provider. For all questions about the services provided by this text messaging program, you can send an email to: your company’s support email address.

9. Opt-in data and consent for text messaging will not be shared with any third parties except with technology partners for the purpose of enabling and operating our text messaging program (i.e., facilitating the sending and receiving of text messages).

10. Our website may use cookies to keep track of items you put into your shopping cart, including when you have abandoned your checkout. This information is used to determine when to send cart reminder text messages. Abandoned shopping cart notices are not considered promotional.