The BLVD Full Service Storage experience

Self-storage or Pod Type units

When you are considering storage services, many people don’t take into consideration all of the work that goes into preparing household goods to be moved, loaded and stored safely. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance and need either temporary or long term storage, when BLVD packs, wraps and loads you using the highest grade materials and blankets you see and feel the difference.

BLVD full service storage;

  • We wrap and box-crate furniture to an extent where everything is full protected for stacking in a truck and the storage facility
  • The commercial grade blankets that we wrap with stay on your furniture.
  • We use professional stackers to maximize efficiency for loading both the truck and storage space you rent.
  • We provide a detailed inventory that not only lists the items and their condition upon pick up, it also supports any insurance policy that you have for the duration of your storage time through the ultimate delivery of your goods by our team.
  • The inventory is checked by a warehouse manager upon off loading and re-loading, whether it’s there for a month or 3 years.
  • Our storage is not only climate controlled but also pest free as we maintain the cleanliness of our facility.
  • In many cases for local and some long distance moves we can arrange to have the same crew that loaded it be there to unload, unwrap and re-assemble everything which makes finding nuts, bolts and other necessary parts easier.
  • We will estimate and charge you for the minimum amount of space after factoring in an efficient stack of your goods.

Do it yourself – Self storage or Pod options;

  • If you have friends help you load, you’ll need to either buy blankets, which are generally very thin and unless your friends have been trained by a professional mover will have no idea how to thoroughly wrap things the way we do. Please view our “moving pictures” gallery to understand the difference.
  • You have no control over what others store in adjacent rooms, what chemicals, pests or other unwanted materials is stored near you.
  • You have no idea how many times a Pod is off loaded and reloaded and the damage that can be done when those are jostled around at the warehouse or yard.
  • When you load these rooms or Pods, if you don’t stack correctly, you’ll cost yourself space and put items in jeopardy of damage
  • Many times your goods will be exposed to harsh weather elements and temperatures

Call us for a free quote based on your item list or to schedule an in-home estimate for both the move and storage services. All of our services are guaranteed.