Out Of Sight…Peace Of Mind

Whether your new home or office is being renovated or you’re still working out the details of a new space, you can take all the time you need with our storage services. With our full house storage options, those boxes are out of sight until you need them. 


We Put the “Full Service” in Full Service Storage

Our storage facility bundles everything you need to store your stuff in one easy solution, including: 

  • Packing, wrapping, loading and delivering using the highest grade materials
  • Preparing a detailed inventory list with every item in the storage facility
  • Stacking your goods efficiently for minimum storage cost
  • Protecting every item with climate-controlled storage
  • Making sure of cleanliness and pest-free storage
  • Providing storage for as long or as short as you need it

With the upheaval of moving, the need for storage services are often overlooked. The truth is you can save yourself a lot of time and stress by using the seamless storage solutions offered by BLVD Moving.

Save Your Time and Your Sanity

Don’t make multiple trips to a self-storage unit. It’s called working smarter, not harder, and we do all the hard work for you.

You’re in Control

The storage solutions at BLVD Moving give you complete control of your belongings so you can have peace of mind.

Cleanliness is Guaranteed

Your items are stored in a climate-controlled facility free from pests and rodents and will be delivered as clean as they were packed.

Why We’re Different

We pack, wrap, load and deliver to our storage facility so you don’t have to.

We take great care to stack your goods as efficiently as possible. This cuts down on the size of your unit, which means more $$$ in your pocket.

Moving from point A to point B before going to point C? Make your complicated move easier with our full service storage services. Contact us today to learn what full-service storage really means!