Interstate (Long distance) moving companies stand out by being organized, professional and equipped to handle every aspect of moving your entire life from one city to another. It is an intimidating, unnerving prospect to pick everything you have built and transport it all to a new place.

BLVD management offers nearly a century of experience with an understanding of how important a genuine “service” to our customers actually is. This word is thrown around loosely, not here. We believe in communication, the ability to articulate in English and provide a thorough, detailed plan for your move, then to execute it at a level that will keep your stress associated with the move to a minimum. We offer (SIT) Storage in Transit for every Interstate move and include up to 30 days of free storage hold if needed for most moves. Our itemized inventory system, exceptional wrapping techniques and very strict warehouse rules and procedures nearly eliminates the chance for damage and loss of your goods.

We offer “live loads” which are direct loads onto one of our fleet trucks or trailers for direct delivery as well as partial load pickups which are transferred in our warehouse to the trailer at a certain point. This is offered for those on a tighter budget and for homes where we cannot physically pick up with an 18 wheeler. Combined with our vast network of trusted partners, we have the infrastructure in place to coordinate both ends of your move flawlessly.